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Schenna – box seat above Meran

Schenna is situated in the sunny hills above Meran in South Tyrol, embedded in orchards at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

Schenna stretches across an area of 48km² and reaches the borders of the city of Meran (300m) up to both local mountains, the Hirzer (2,781m) and the Ifinger (2,581m). In addition to the town center (600m), Schenna consists of a collection of six suburbs, which reach from 716 meters above sea level to 1,536 meters. These areas are called:Verdins, St. Georgen, Schennaberg, Videgg, Unter- and Obertall. Each suburb has its own characteristic beauty.

Over the past 50 years, the former farming village has developed into one of the most important tourist resorts in South Tyrol. The excellent location, climate, variety and high quality choice of tourist accommodations, personal development, as well as hospitality have all brought much success to Schenna.

Useful information: www.schenna.com