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Meran, spa town with historical importance

Meran is a world-famous spa town and sits 324 meters above sea level in a beautifully situated basin. Another bonus is that the Vinschgau, the Etschtal, and the Passeiert all flow into this majestic area.
This magical geographical location shelters the city through a mountain range in the north and the east. This protection is the crucial point for providing the typical mild Mediterranean climate.

Useful information: www.meranerland.com

These climatic conditions also allow the growth of a multitude of Mediterranean and subtropical plants in the broad parks of Meran; when you stroll along the famous Tappeinerweg or when you repose on one of the benches along the wonderful promenade of Meran, you can also marvel at palm trees, cypresses, cactuses, and other exotic appearing plants for this degree of altitude.

For the sports fan, Meran has plenty to offer: a wonderful tennis court and in striking distance two golf courses and much more.